What is Val365?

Val365 is an Office 365 addon that is able to validate and repair SharePoint sites, and report back to admins, powerusers and even end-users.

How it works?

Val365 is installed in a SharePoint site collection and provides an Office 365 interface to manage your sites and validation definitions. A validation consists of one or more tests and, if desired, one or more actions when a test fails.

Our company have about 1500 team sites, and our policy is that all documents in those teamsites must have minor and major versions enabled. Val365 is able to detect unwanted configurations, report them back to the site owners and is even able to repair the sites automatically!

Aside the Val365 UI, one or more jobs run at the background in Windows Azure, validating all the scheduled sites. Val365 scales with your organisation, depending on the number of sites and frequency of the schedules.

What can it do?

Val365 has an unlimited number of validation configurations available from checking list settings, permissions, used content types, sub sites, feature checks to timezone settings, document ID settings and many, many more!

Each test can be configured in detail using a default XML schema. In addition, basically any task can be performed based in the results of a test. For example, site provision tools can be activated, based on a test outcome.

Our complete SharePoint site life cycle is automated using Val365. From the point a site is provisioned, Val365 will periodically check the site configuration and repairs of needed. It even initiates update templates in our custom site provisioning tool to maintain the site.

Requests for very specific customer actions can be easily submitted and will be added on request.

What's the business case?

Val365 takes away the manual and error prone actions in maintaining huge number of site collections. It does not replace admins, but it takes away the recurring actions an admin must perform. SharePoint sites are maintained and kept compliant to your organisation requirements. It literally saves you money and unwanted recurring work.

In summary:

  • High quality SharePoint sites
  • Keeps your environment compliant
  • Saves costs by taking away rework and unplanned work
  • Gives helpful insight in your SharePoint Sites
  • Takes away work from your admins and puts it where it belongs: site owners or key users

How much does it cost?

Val365 can be used as a service for EUR 500 per month (ex. VAT, minimal 1 year). This includes installation and configuration of Val365 in your SharePoint environment and hosting of the background job(s). It also includes automatic updates and unlimited online support. It's possible to create your own validations and tasks, but we can deliver them, ready to use, in your environment for only 25 EUR per test or task.

Val365 can also be installed in your Office 365 tenant using a license agreement. All the software in house, including updates and custom support. Please contact support@val365.nl for a detailed offer.